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Was born in Incahuasi (Potosí), descended from a family of miners and has been a miner himself. The pioneer of tourism, he is a private cooperative mines, Salt of Uyuni, Colored Lagoon, Official guide, genuine instructor of adventure tourism with registry N°001 Pt., permission of nacional gobernment tourism of Bolivia. He is a longstanding universally recommended guide, with 8 year or experience in the mine as a miner and has 17 years in adventure tours, whose experience and background well qualify him for the job; to found ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS Tour Operator. He invites you to visit Silver Mines and discover the Spectacular landscape of Uyuni Salt Flats, Colored Lagoon, is one of Bolivia most spectacular and most isolated marvels. Our services are guaranteed com with us. Raúl B. and Andes Salt Expeditions is definitely the best guide. I Have been with so far in Bolivia. I recomended Raúl Braulio as a guide due to this direct links with the Inca Culture and with the mining community.


Andes Salt Expeditions

56 ferroviaria Avenue and Arce.(at front train station)

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Andes Salt Expeditions

892 Bolivar St at Junin

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