Amazing salt flat & coloured lagoons
Amazing salt flat of Uyuni ,coloured lagoons

DURATION: 3 days/ 2 nights

Day 1 :: Uyuni / Salt Desert / Mummies Museum / Galaxy cave / Devil's cave / Salt Hotel

Departure from Uyuni city at 09:00 am to Salt Flat of Uyuni by 4x4WD. We are going to visit the Train Cemetery, where you can see the remains of nineteenth and early 20th century steam locomotives and which is a good place to take artistic photographs. Arrival at Colchani COLCHANI, lies beside the Salar de Uyuni and is the home of the Cooperative Rosario – the main plant for the iodisation of salt. It is the best place to observe the methods of salt extraction from the Salar which is different to that employed to the north in the Salar de Coipasa. Here ovens are used to dry the salt, which is then formed into cakes. We will visit the salt refinery where you will witness the iodisation of salt for national consumption. Fish Island is located in the centre of the salar at 100 km from Uyuni and 40 km from Tunupa Volcano. This is the main destination for most salt-desert tours. It is a remarkable and otherworldly place – a hilly outpost covered in trichocerus cacti and a flat, White Sea of hexagonal salt tiles. A large population of stranded viscachas (Andean rodents) inhabits its rocky slopes which also afford views of the slat flats that are reminiscent of the Polar region, dominated by the colours blue and white, but with images of hills turned to one side by 45°. Fish Island is an oasis with a unique and isolated ecosystem that is populated by cacti up to 10 metres high. Photographers will find that Fish Island is one of the best sites in the world to indulge their passion.Lunch. It is estimated that the Salar contains large reserves of lithium, magnesium, sodium and boron. Fish Island- Isla Incahuasi – Located in the centre of the Salar and at 80 km from the Salt Hotel lies Fish Island (Isla Pescado). This forms an oasis with a unique and isolated ecosystem, populated by cacti between 8 and 10 metres high. Photographers will find Fish Island an excellent site from which to indulge in their hobby as it affords views of the salt flats that are reminiscent of the polar region, dominated by the colours blue and white, and with images of the surrounding hills turned through 45°. Visit of Devil's cave, galaxy cavern, It's a sub aqueous cavern at the moment dries and formed in the previous stage to the freezing, corresponding to volcanic eruptions on waters of the Minchin lake (today Salar).Displays a conformation very different from terrestrial grottos, because instead of customary stalactites and stalagmites it projects from the ceilingcalcares bodies with capricious forms of solidification of the magma to the contact with water, Salt hotel where pass the night, dinner and rest..

Day 2 :: Salt Hotel / Laguna Colorada

We will have a breakfast. Following breakfast we shall depart for the Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada), visiting other lagoons on the way, such as Lagunas Cañapa, Hedionda, Lunch Chiarcota, Hona and Ramaditas. We shall also pass through the Siloli Desert. The route passes through spectacular landscapes with multicoloured volcanic rock formations, and reaches a height of 5000 metres. On the way we shall have a snack at the Paso del Inca, and we shall arrive at Laguna Colorada at about 3 p.m. Laguna Colorada lies 151 km to the south of San Juan at an altitude of 4278 metres and covers an area of 60 km2. The rich red colouration is derived from algae and plankton, which thrive in its minerals, and the shoreline is fringed with brilliant white deposits of sodium, magnesium, borax and gypsum. The lagoon is inhabited by numerous flamingos, three species of which breed there. The Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Chilensis) reaches a height of just over one metre and has a black-tipped white bill, dirty blue legs, red knees and salmon-coloured plumage. The James flamingo (Phoenicopterus James) is the smallest of the three species. The Andean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Andinus) is the largest of the three and has pink plumage, yell legs and a yellow and black bill. To see these pink posers strutting through icy mineral lagoons at 5000m will make you abandon timeworn associations between flamingos, coconut palms and hot steamy tropics. At Laguna Colorada we shall have a camp dinner find lodgings. .

Day 3 :: Laguna Colorada / Laguna Verde / San Pedro of Atacama (Chile)

We shall depart from Laguna Colorada to Laguna verde.On the way we shall visit the volcanic zone ‘Sol de Mañana’ (Morning Sun). Here, at 4850 metres, lies a geyser basin with bubbling mud pots, hellish fumaroles and a thick aroma of sulphur fumes. This is a site of intense volcanic activity. Inside a small crater we shall observe boiling lava, reminding us of the age in which the earth was formed. We shall also stop at hot springs, where we can bathe, and cross a pass at 5000 metres. Arrive at Laguna Verde at 10 a.m. The green colour of this lake arises from high concentrations of lead, sulphur and calcium carbonate. Behind the lake rises the cone of the Licancabur Volcano, with an altitude of 5960 metres. Its summit is said to have once sheltered an Inca crypt. On arrival we shall have a snack and then spend some time getting to now the place. Transfer out to San Pedro de Atacama. End services..

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